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Welcome To Colby’s Box. This is a place to submit your cares and your fears.  If you knew Colby tell him in the best way that suits you: story, poem, video, image, or audio.

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“Every Word Counts”

Make it all count while it’s worth

The best of your conversation

Holds of all the girth and elation

For a good conversation

Is a bringer of self motivation?

Every word counts

Towards the support of your creation

Of Mental thought?

For it’s the best friends that cannot

Be bought.

by Colby


Having been in the foster care system Colby knew what it was like to move from residential care to a home, to a program, and back to residential again. He also knew what it was like to have his possessions … Continue reading

Ben Speaks

In the words of its founder, Judy Giovangelo, “the mission of Ben Speaks is to raise awareness about suicide and to STOMP OUT the use of self-destructive behaviors leading to this final act. Ben Speaks helps families find support and … Continue reading

Kids are bullied.

The sad thing is their parents don’t always know it. Why?  Because their children are afraid to tell them.

The kids think that if they tell their parents it will get back to the school.  Then the bully(s) will be punished.

But of course it will be found out who told on them.

And the bullying will get worse.

The following video is about a boy who came out about being gay at school when he was in first grade.  Some of his classmates took exception to this and began to bully him.

This has continued on through the years until this past August.  He was going into eighth grade but didn’t want to go through this anymore.

At four in the morning he made this video:

Colby was not gay.  He accepted all people no matter who they might be.


Power of Words

The power of words hang on a ledge Until the writer gives it an edge The emotion shows the power of words Whether sadness or shame Pin no farther blame For the negative feelings Are not the same? by Colby

The Thought is a Fragment

The proper poetry is divine. But also a fragment of the mind Sneaking up like a back blow from behind When the thought reaches paper the emotions build a perfect bind by Colby

Set Goals

To a poet through his devotion, Lies the greatest of his emotion. It ends not until words are on paper, Where emotions become solid, not vapor. by Colby

Speak Aloud

Shout the words from the mouth that has no muzzle For the writers wording is his greatest puzzle by Colby

Stay in Control

Stay in control Don’t let your head roll Do not be on the desk in a heap Just trying to fall asleep Where are the posture and spine like a still pole A polite gaze that does not deplete Would … Continue reading

Be it the Wild

The high school hallway is wild The children run astray Nevertheless, its walls are not all defiled Brand new, like it was built today The banned cell phones being redialed Students are the beasts that prowl the dense floor of … Continue reading